Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.
~Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Law and medicine are commonly understood to be two of the most intellectually and emotionally demanding professions; yet, at the same time, lawyers and doctors are expected never to show signs of vulnerability, imperfection, or exhaustion amidst tremendous pressure. This disconnect often leads to anxiety, depression, burn out, and relationship strain. Instead of reaching out for help, too many people try to grit through it and engage in unproductive forms of self-help. Lawyers and doctors in particular often hesitate to seek therapy because of concerns about stigma or damage to their professional identities. As a result, a large number of talented professionals remain dispirited and unfulfilled.

Before opening my private practice, I worked as an appellate and litigation lawyer for over ten years in large corporate firms in New York City and San Francisco, as well as with the federal judiciary. Colleagues regularly sought my guidance about a variety of personal and professional issues. Over time, I witnessed the immense value of having a non-judgmental space for lawyers to share openly about their anxieties and challenges. This inspired me to think more deeply about what professionals need to function at optimal levels and, ultimately, led to a career change.

My private practice is unique in that I offer consulting and therapy services grounded in my legal and corporate background, complemented by advanced academic and extensive clinical training in psychology. I also utilize and recommend effective wellness techniques, such as meditation and mindfulness. Through a process of engaged listening, inquiry, and collaborative thinking, we will gain insight into your particular situation and work toward meaningful change. My style is warm, connected, curious, and engaging with a sense of humor when appropriate.

In addition to my work with individual clients, I specialize also in co-parenting counseling for those working through a separation or divorce who need compassionate assistance to help navigate the challenges of managing life in two households and resolving co-parenting issues as peacefully as possible. Outcomes for children are improved when conflict is low and the individual functioning of each parent is high.

To learn more, please call my office to schedule an appointment. I look forward to meeting with you.